Michael's Headshot Session

It was great fun taking Michael's studio headshots last week. After some initial discussion before the session, I figured out what would look really good for him. I asked at the pre-shoot discussion (via messenger and text messages) if he could bring clothing that he would normally wear to work, and clothing he would wear if dressed up a little.

Several outfit changes, from casual to business casual and mixing in a few background changes to create a collection of headshots. It took no time to complete and was super fun.

There's something about capturing a clients headshot that is so unique and completely them. I really think your headshot is much like a signature and it should be represented that way. 

Please let the studio know if you need a new headshot that represents you!

If you need a chiropractor I can think of nobody else than Michael who owns and runs the best chiropractic service in the triangle. You can find him at Raleigh Chiropractic and Wellness.

Behind the Scene 

Great times with a very talented photographer! The best in the business and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an amazing photographer in the triangle! He did a wonderful job with our wedding and also with my head shots! Thanks Warren McCormack!
— Michael Hoehle

Headshot Collection